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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you request a line spot?

1. Call NMOC during regular weekday working hours (except holidays) at 1-800-321-ALERT statewide or 260-1990 in Albuquerque AT LEAST TWO WORKING DAYS before your dig is planned.

2. Have the following information ready:
* The exact location of the dig, including a street address in cities, or a rural route address and/or legal description in rural areas that includes range, township, section, and quarter section.

3. Be prepared to give clear, concise driving instructions to the dig:
* Include cross street references in cities or mile markers in rural areas.

4. To make your dig site easy for spotters to find, pre-mark your dig site with a white spray painted line or stakes with white flags.
* This is especially important if your dig site is hard to describe or find.

5. Once a line is marked by the facility owners, that mark is good for 10 WORKING DAYS. Protect and manage the mark so that it stays visible during your dig.

6. If your dig is delayed by more than 10 working days from the original date, CALL NEW MEXICO ONE CALL. AGAIN, at least two working days before you dig, so the lines can be re-marked.

7. IN CASES OF EMERGENCY – When you must dig quickly because the situation could be dangerous to the public, call New Mexico One Call immediately between 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. If your emergency occurs during holidays, evenings, or weekends, check the After Hours Emergency Contacts list on this website and call the underground facility owner directly.

8. Use prudent, safe excavating practices when you dig, including bracing exposed underground facilities, etc.

9. Do NOT rely on permanent markers. They may not be placed on top of the line.

If I’m digging with a shovel, do I need to call?

You do not need to call the one call center if you are digging by hand, ie with shovel or any hand tool. You will, however, be held responsible for any damage you might do to an underground facility while hand digging.

How is a line spotted?Back to top

  1. Respond to all non-emergency dig notifications within TWO WORKING DAYS.
  2. Respond to all EMERGENCY DIG NOTIFICATIONS as quickly as possible, normally within two hours.
  3. Mark your lines PROPERLY and ACCURATELY. New Mexico state law requires marking accuracy within 12 inches (+/- 12″) of the horizontal location of your lines.
  4. Mark your lines CLEARLY. Make sure the excavator can easily understand where they run and where they turn.
  5. Use the CORRECT COLOR CODING when you mark your lines. Stake and/or spray-paint them with these colors:

How do you complete a clear?

1. Log into Teldig using your terminal ID as your user name and enter your password

2. If you do not know your password, please call NMOC to have it reset

3. Once Teldig is up, go to the ticket menu–click on sequence # search

4. Enter the dates needed and click on the square next to terminal code, this will put a check mark in that box

5. Enter your terminal code

6. Hit the search button

7. When the search is completed, highlight the ticket you want to edit, and click on the button marked “LOC. STATUS” on the bottom of the search screen

8. This will bring up a window which will list all the companies notified for this particular ticket

9. Enter your name (required)

10. Highlight your terminal code

11. Select one option from type and then select clear

12. Hit the save button then the quit button which will take you back to the search screen and do the next one

Does NMOC offer a reference guide for excavators?

Yes – to download the excavator handbook, click here (808k pdf)

Back to topIs the one-call center a state agency?

No, New Mexico One Call is a non-profit corporation. It is funded by its member companies.

Back to topWhy aren’t all facility owners required to be members of One Call?

New Mexico state law requires all underground facility owners to be members of the one-call system. If you find a facility that is not part of the one-call system, you should report this to the Pipeline Safety Bureau.

Back to topIf I will be excavating on property that I own,
why do I have to call before I start digging?

Excavation using mechanically powered equipment is a regulated activity in New Mexico by state law – regardless of who owns the property.

Back to topWhy do I have to wait two days before I can dig?

State law gives the facility owners 2 working days to do the actual marking of the underground facilities. Consequently, you must wait the 2 working days before you start digging.

Back to topWhy isn’t the dig site address sufficient to get a locate?

For the facility owners to do a proper job of marking the underground lines, they need to know for what purpose you are digging, and where on the property you are digging. They also need to have a contact person they can call if there are questions about what and where the digging is going to take place. The more information they have the better job they can do.

Back to topWhat should I do if I damage a line?

Stop your excavation immediately and notify the facility owner by telephone. New Mexico One Call can help you with phone numbers by calling during regular business hours at 1-800-321-ALERT, or by checking the After Hour Emergency Contacts list during off hours.

Back to topWhom do I call if I hit a line after hours or on a holiday?

Contact the facility owner immediately. For a complete list of after hours emergency contacts, click here.

Back to topHow do I learn more about NMOC?

Contact NMOC at 505-260-1165.

Back to topHow do I become a member?

Joining NMOC is easy. You can download an application here or call 505-260-1165 and we will send you one.

Back to topHow can I update my member information?

Contact NMOC at 505-260-1165.

Back to topHow can I be invited to future annual meetings and other One Call events?

Contact NMOC at 505-260-1165.